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Buying car insurance is the first thing that every car owner must do once they start driving. It is a need that is required by law and must be followed. For Jeep cars, there are a few things that you should include when it comes to getting insurance for this type of car. If you are planning to buy a Jeep then it is best that you know what is needed in your car insurance for this type of car.  

Jeep is a product of the Chrysler auto manufacturer division. It is an off-road sports utility vehicle that was designed with different models. The Jeep Commander, Compass, Patriot, Liberty, Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee are among the most popular models of these SUVs. It is the first prototype of the Bantam BRC and is the first 4-wheel-drive for the United States Army and its allies during the World War II. The car’s first purpose was meant for Government Purposes only but it was enjoyed by the soldiers that they began to call it as Jeep.  

Since this car was very popular, Camp Jeep was held every year for five drivers to display their ride through trail rides and display this car’s off-road capabilities. There was even a crash course for this car where people who are interested to drive will have their hands on experience in this class.  

If you own one of the Jeep models today, it is best that you include a few important things in your car insurance. Since this car is an off-road type, it is best to start knowing what your state requires you to have for car insurance. Just keep in mind that these state requirements might vary depending on where you are living. So it is best to inquire about it first before you decide to get insured. 

You will not be paying much for Jeeps. Just make sure that you have meet the standard requirements and include important coverages. Coverage like uninsured/underinsured motorist is very important to have. Some states may have a different requirement for this type of coverage. Oregon for example will ask for $25,000 per person on bodily injury, $50,000 per person for each accident and $15,000 for personal injury protection. Since Oregon follows the tort system, if the accident is your fault or you are found to be at fault in the event of an accident, you will be the one held responsible financially. 

You may also want to get collision and comprehensive car insurance for your Jeep. It may be expensive to have Jeeps repaired and liability insurance coverage may not help you much in case of repairs. Besides that, it will also help cover the damages done to your car in case of an accident, natural disasters, vandalism etc. So it’s better to have this in your coverage. 

If your Jeep is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider a Classic Car Insurance coverage too. Since these cars are already becoming a collector’s item and parts are rare to find, then you might as well include this in your insurance too. Over all, you will be the one to determine what will be included in your insurance, so do make sure that you have the right coverages.