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It was 1998 when the Lexus IS series was introduced in the market. This is an entry level luxury cars or compact executive cars sold by Lexus. The IS was an entry-level sports model that was slotted below the ES in the Lexus lineup. This car was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate in Japan. It was until the second generation of the Lexus IS was introduced in 2006.  

If you are planning to buy a Lexus IS 300 then there are a few things you need to understand about this car first. Lexus IS belongs to the top ten most expensive cars to insure. Because it is a luxury car, the price of your insurance premium is not going to be pocket friendly as this is common among luxury cars. In fact according to the Highway Loss Data, this car ranks number 6 to the top ten most expensive cars to insure. This is why many car insurance companies consider charge car owners with high rates. But know that there are many factors that can affect this premiums and not just the price of the car alone. 

Lexus IS is a high-end vehicle. This means that they are high-performance cars and because of this, it has been proven to be a very expensive combination for car insurers. This car also has 215 horsepower and a V6 engine, so this definitely goes as fast as you want it to be. With a 0-60mph in 7.0 seconds, it can surely beat anything. Though it may sound awesome to drivers, this makes insurers unhappy. This is because this imposes a threat on the car as it could be prone to accidents. Because of this, they will charge you with high premium rates. 

This car’s top speed is about 143mph which is still considered to be too risky for car insurance companies so expect something expensive. As I have mentioned, this car belongs to the luxury cars division, not to mention that they are high performance cars, so expect expensive rates. The price of the car is also expensive. An average price may start from $30,000 the least and because of this, you will also be charged expensively. 

It is a known fact the performance cars are not car insurance friendly. These cars tend to be driven recklessly and fast which is why many car insurance are charging high rates for these types of cars. Not only that, since this is a luxury car, repairing a Lexus IS 300 can be pretty expensive. So if you think of all the factors and summarize the reasons, it is fair that insurers will charge you with high rates. However, if you still wish to purchase one of these then make sure that you have compared and analyzed different quotes. By doing so, you will be able to see the different options that you have for this type of car.