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Owning a luxury car also means proper car insurance and luxury cars like the Lexus needs the best. This car is well-known for its performance and silent powerful engines. This is why it is very comfortable to drive and many car owners love the easiness of it. They are globally one of the highest selling luxury cars and still gaining fans.  

Lexus is a luxury car division of the Japanese car maker, Toyota. It was first introduced in 1989 in the US and has become Japan’s biggest car seller. It is marketed in over 70 countries worldwide and has been among Japan’s ten largest global brands in the market. Since its release in the United States, Lexus has become one of the well-loved cars among drivers. 

So since Lexus is a luxury car, you might want to get a car insurance company that specializes in this type of car. Consider also what you want to put in your car insurance policy so that you can save money from your insurance premiums. Keep in mind that the type of Lexus you will be getting will play an important role in the rates that you will be paying. So make sure that you take time to pick the right Lexus model you want. 

Luxury cars are among the favorites of car thieves so it is best that you know that your Lexus is insured in case you find your car stolen. According to the Top 100 Most Commonly Stolen vehicles study, Lexus is not one of them. However, it pays to be sure that your car will not be stolen. So it is best that you find an insurance company that will give you the best coverage in case your Lexus is stolen. 

Among the top safety picks, Lexus made its name. However, there’s a catch, despite this car’s great performance for safeness, some Lexus models scored poorly in rear crash tests. But don’t worry, not all of them are bad! In fact, two Lexus models earned a “good” score in crash tests. Models like the Lexus IS and RX are the ones you should consider buying in case you are looking for a good Lexus model. 

Average car insurance for Lexus starts at $1385 per year but depending on the model and the year it was produced, your car insurance rates will vary. Some models may go as high as $2000 for insurance premiums per year so do make sure that you know what model and make of Lexus you are picking. 

If you want to get the best car insurance for your Lexus, it is best that you check other car insurance rates first. There are many free quotes offered online which are all easy to get. Ask for discounts and other options you can have if you are to insure your car. This way you can save a few dollars more. So do take time to study and compare rates. This way you can get the best option for your car.