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Many car owners are always looking for the best car insurance company but the truth is, there are many good car insurance companies out there. The only problem is that, no matter how hard the car insurance company works to satisfy their customers, people by nature are hard to please. If you want a car insurance company that can help you with what you are looking for, take a chance on Liberty Mutual car insurance. 

As the century took a turn, many car insurance companies were established. One of these companies belongs to the Liberty Mutual. It was first called as the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association which was founded in 1912. This was in response to the state law that required workers compensation insurance. By 1914, they wrote their first automobile policy and then it was in 1917 that they changed their named to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. It was not until the 1960s that they offered their life insurance to customers and since then, they became one of the nation’s leading insurance companies. In 2008, they have acquired companies like Safeco and others. 

Based on history, Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest and most reliable insurance companies in existence. They have exceptional services and their customer services are known to be courteous and are able to update their customers’ policy regularly. In addition to that, Liberty mutual is known to have lower rates and claims are quickly processed. 

There have been reviews about this company and they have received a few negative comments. One of these negative remarks is that, they have been known to raise prices after an accident even if it’s not the driver’s fault. Also, they low-ball the accident claims and that customers sometimes get a third party lawyer involved just so they can proceed to claiming what belongs to them. Another complaint is that they tend to penalized drivers who have less driving experience of up to ten years. Many of the customers find this unfair and so they tend to drop their accounts with this company. So if you plan on getting a policy with them, check their background first before anything else.