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One interesting car that many car owners wish they have is the Lotus. Lotus cars is owned by a British manufacturer of sports cars and racing cars. They are known to be light weight cars that are easy to handle in and out of the race tracks. They started the Lotus tradition back in 1952 when the luxury cars are pretty much the trend. However, this car was meant to be driven in races. Since its early days, this car was already involved in racing and the Formula One racing has been a top spot for their latest cars.  

In addition to their luxury cars, they also created other models of vehicles. However, in 1994, it went bankrupt and had to be sold to Proton which is a Malaysian car manufacturer. Today, Lotus cars are among the best cars in the market. If you are planning to purchase one of your own then you need a good car insurance company that can cater to your needs. 

Looking for car insurance for this car must start with the required insurance coverage that your state requires. Understand that there are requirements in each state for cars like this and you must be able to comply with this rule if you want to drive your Lotus. So the best thing that you can do is to check that requirement and see how much it can affect your rates. 

Since it is unavoidable that you will be involved in an accident, you need to consider general liability insurance. This will help cover your bodily injury liability and property damage liability as required by the state you are living in. Medical expenses, property damages and repairs as well coverage in loss of wages that might occur in this accident will be covered by this insurance so make sure that you include this in your policy. 

Collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage is also important. This type of coverage will help you pay for any damages due to the accident you have caused. If your car is totaled, you can have reimbursement and in case of car theft, weather damage, vandalism and etc, you have comprehensive car insurance to back you up. 

Another good coverage to put in your policy is the uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. This can help in case someone drives your car who isn’t really insured. So make sure that you check on these coverages and see what your car needs. 

If you want to save money from your premiums, you can also do that. You can ask for discounts and other options that you can take to reduce your rates. Just keep in mind that there are a few factors that can affect your rates. Your gender, age, driving history, credit score and even your location can affect your premiums. So do compare quotes first before you sign up for a policy or talk to an insurance agent to clarify things on your end.