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Nationwide Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

It’s a rare find to have a car insurance company that can stick to their promises and deliver great services to their customers. That is why many people take the option of purchasing car insurance policies to those companies whose names remain strong and standing in the insurance industry.

One of the many car insurance companies that had started its roots as early as the 1920s is Nationwide Insurance. It was founded in 1926 in Ohio and was formerly known as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. This company was established to serve as an automobile insurance provider for the local farmers in Ohio. It was in 1934 when the company changed its name to Nationwide Insurance. Back then, Nationwide was serving as a mutual fund company but it was in 1997 when they went public, offering customers and potential clients complete home coverage for life, home and cars.


nationwide auto insuranceNationwide insurance offers a wide variety of options for their customers to choose from. Traditional coverage of property and casualty includes additional benefits covering farm, identity theft, commercial, flood and even pets can benefit from this insurance. They also offer car insurance which covers vehicles and personal coverage. They also offer their Nationwide Blue Ribbon Service.

As car owners, we all want to save money. Nationwide Insurance’s special service policy can help you save more money and at the same time gives you a written guarantee on all repairs. You will also have the option of choosing pre-qualified auto repair shops and you can view the progress of your car’s repair with their updates online.

Besides the car coverage, this insurance company also covers life insurance through the traditional whole life, term and universal policies. Overall, if you want affordable and dependable insurance, then check this car insurance’s quotes and see if their options fit your needs.


Nationwide is not solely free from complaints. Of course, there will always be those whom you can’t please in this line of work. Customers will always complain about customer services whenever things don’t go in their favor. The main concern about all complaints that they have received is that they fail to send notice whenever their rates increase. In return, this displeases many customers.

Though it is a given that insurance companies will eventually hike their prices, customers want that they are informed right away in case these things does occur. And this is where Nationwide fails to improve, leaving their customers in big dismay. Some customers also complained about the slow processing of their claims. Many have reported to keep on calling this company to settle their claims but no one seems to be willing to entertain their concerns.

One customer filed a claim for his car that was stolen but it has been 7 months since it was lost and Nationwide was still “in the process” of settling their claims. With this situation, he finally made the choice of dropping his account and switch to a new carrier. Another customer also complained about the company’s lack of explanation about their policies. He was not able to file any claim in 11 years that he was a policy holder in this company. When his wife had an accident, he filed for one. Since his wife was under uninsured motorist coverage and due to the fact that they live in Ohio, the company said she is not covered with them. This was not what he read on their website.With this lack of information that the company provided, he made the decision of switching to a new carrier.

Though it is still unclear if it’s the company’s fault or one of its local agencies where some of their policies was originally handled. Bottom line is, many are voting this company down.

Despite all the harsh comments and rude complaints, Nationwide Insurance keeps on trudging and working better to meet their customers’ needs. Some of the services offered by this company include:

  • Savings 
  • Checking accounts 
  • Loans for colleges, cars and other financial needs 

They also have special benefits like travel insurance and liability insurance for accidents related to your company or any short term events. They also offer discounts that are available to all types of customers. These discounts are given due to age, driving records, health, business or schooling. There are also other special offers that vary on each state.

To know more about these special deals, it is best that you inquire about their quotes. Call them or inquire through their website and know the options for you. It is always best to study these things first before jumping to a decision of purchasing it.



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