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The Nissan 350Z is also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z Z33 in Japan. This sports car is a two seater that was manufactured by Nissan from 2003 to 2009. This also marks the fifth generation of the Nissan’s Z-ca line. The car was first introduced in the late 2002 and was sold in the market by 2003. The first year of their production was only a coupe. The roadster did not officially made its debut until the next year.  

According to the US news, the Nissan 350Z ranks number two in the list of the most affordable sports car. With a starting price of $28,510, this ranking seemed to be reliable. However, though this car ranks number two as the most affordable sports car, the 350Z ranks number nine on the list of cars which are expensive to insure. This is based on the Highway Loss Data list that compiles all the priciest cars and based their ranks on the reports of collision losses.  

In order for you to understand the charges on your premiums, know first what 350Z is all about. This way you will get the idea on why insurers are charging high amounts of premiums on this type of car. There are certain features that a 350Z has which makes it expensive for car insurance companies. First of all, since this is a sports car, this type of car appeals much to young male drivers. Young drivers who are males are known to be a factor which can affect insurance premiums. This is because these drivers are prone to more accidents and traffic violations compared to their female counterparts. That is why you are charged with a high premium. 

Another thing to consider about 350Z is that it can go 0-60mph per 5.5 seconds with a 306 horsepower and 3.5 L v6 engine. This means that this car is fast. If the car is fast, then most likely it is prone to accidents. Higher horsepower also means high risks. Not only that, this is already a sports car to start with so this alone can add to the amount of your insurance. This and the amount of speed it can produce, you can have a car that is a high risk for accidents. That is why your insurance is expensive. 

The driver’s driving history can also affect the insurance. So if your driving record is not as clean then most likely, you will expect high insurance. The size of the car is also another thing that car insurance companies consider. Since the 350Z is smaller and more maneuverable, there is a possibility that you can get a reduced rate but don’t get your hopes up just yet. Keep in mind that this is a sports car, so even if it is small, you still need to pay high car insurance because of the risks it has. 

So if you are planning to purchase a Nissan 350Z then it is best that you compare car insurance rates first. Better yet, have a talk with a car insurance agent, this way you will know what other options you can have when it comes to insuring your Nissan 350Z.