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Nissan Motor Company is a Japanese car manufacturer that is headquartered in Japan. They were the core member of the Nissan Group but after restructuring became independent under their CEO, Carlos Ghosn. The fact is that Nissan is the sixth largest car maker in the world along with other big car names in the industry. They are behind Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford and Hyundai Motor Group by the year 2010. This car company is famous for their brands like the Datsun and as of August 2011, they have their global headquarters located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama.  

Nissan’s American connection began when DAT inherited Kubota’s chief designer who was an American named William R. Gorham. Gorham was the one who carried out the plan of using the cutting-edge technology of America to be used in all the machinery, designs, and engine designs. Tools came from the Graham factory which Nissan had the license to make trucks then. These machineries were imported to Japan by Mitsubishi which was on behalf of Nissan. 

Cars made by Nissan are far beyond excellent that they became popular to the Americans. That is why until today, this car company is still making cars worthy of competition. If you are planning to purchase a car from Nissan, it is recommended that you find a good car insurance company to help you with the needed coverage. 

Crash tests for this car may not be as good as expected though there are models of Nissan that performed well. However, when it comes to safety cars, the Nissan Rogue, Versa and Murano made the top safety picks as recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. So make sure that you check these models if you want to find a good Nissan car. 

Some models are prone to car thefts but not all of them are. However, it is important that you have the right coverage in case your Nissan car gets stolen. Among the models that are frequently stolen, the Nissan Sentra, Maxima, Altima and Pathfinder are the few favorites of car thefts. 

Car insurance for Nissan starts at $1160 on average cars. The year and type of Nissan you pick will affect your car insurance rates so it is best that you find one that doesn’t cost much. The highest insurance charged for a Nissan car is about $2,285 per year and this is charged on Nissan GT-R. 

You can find discounts on car insurance too. Discounts on good student, safe driver and others are good ways to get your premiums reduced. However, you must also qualify in order to get these discounts. If you have a defensive driving certification, you can also present that to your car insurance company and see if they will give you a discount. 

There are many ways in which you can avail of lower premiums. All you need is to compare quotes from other companies. By doing so you will be able to see your options and save a few hundred dollars more.