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One of the oldest cars in the history of automobiles is the Oldsmobile. This car was a brand of American automobile that has been produced by General Motors. It was founded by Ramson E. Oldsin back in 1897. Since its foundation, it has produced 32.5 million cars and this includes at least 14 million of it that was built in Lansing, Michigan.  

By the year 2004, this car was phased out and Oldsmobile remained to be the oldest surviving American car marque. It is in fact, one of the world’s oldest cars after two others namely Daimler and Peugeot. By 2009, the Oldsmobile division of GM closed declaring bankruptcy. 

The Oldsmobile is a classic car that needs the best coverage in car insurance. If you are planning to purchase one of these cars then it is best that you find a good insurance company that specializes in this area. 

There are many factors that can influence your car insurance rate for an Oldsmobile car. One of it is the name itself, since it is considered a classic, you may expect high insurance for these cars. The type and model of the Oldsmobile will also be a factor why you will be paying more. Old Oldsmobile will also mean higher rates as the parts of this car may be hard to find and repairs may even be expensive. So make sure that you find an insurance company that will help you with this. 

Many of the Oldsmobile made a good impression on crash tests but there are also models that performed poorly. Among the models that you should watch out for are the Oldsmobile Cutlass, Royale, Bravada and Achieva. If you pick any of these cars, you might just pay more insurance as they are easily prone to repairs. 

When it comes to safety, this car was not included in the safest cars to pick list. Because of this, you may need to pay high premiums. Another thing you need to watch out for is that these cars are most likely to be stolen. In fact, they belong to the top 100 cars easily stolen. If this is the problem then you will be spending more insurance money than you thought you would. Among the Oldsmobile cars that are frequently stolen are the Oldsmobile Cutlass, Delta and Regency. So make sure that you are aware of this. 

If you are looking for car insurance for this car, you might consider getting personal injury protection and medical payments coverage. You already know that some of these cars are prone to accidents so its best that you include this coverage for you or other driver’s sake. Comprehensive and collision insurance is also a good idea. This can help with the repairs and damages done to the car or properties in case of an accident. 

Check also the mandated state insurance required by the state you are living in. Since Oldsmobile is a classic car, there may be a few requirements for this type of car in your state. From this requirement, you can then add other coverage you need for your Oldsmobile. If you want to save money from insurance then it is best that you talk to an insurance agent. They may just give you your options and discounts on your policy purchase.  

An average Oldsmobile premium starts around $1200 or more per year but this will depend on the type and model of the car you choose. So do choose well if you want to save money.