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Pontiac Montana (long wheel-based model)cheap car insurance for young drivers


Cars that are cheap to insure do exist. Even if you think that it is impossible to find one, they are out there. Among the cheap cars to insure is the Pontiac Montana Long-Wheel Based Model. The nameplate was used as the trim level of the Pontiac Trans Sport van from 1997 to 1998. General Motors dropped the name by 199 and the van was simply called as Montana. This generation of Pontiac Montana was related to the previous generation of other minivans. Chevrolet also introduced another nearly identical twin of the Pontiac for the European consumption and was named as the Chevrolet Trans Sport. The Montana was the first of the few minivans that can provide eight seats.  

Crash tests for these cars resulted poorly, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They were also named as the Worse Performing Vehicle. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not agree with the overall performance of this vehicle as being one of the worse cars. In fact they have given this car five stars for the protection of the front passenger and five stars for the rear passenger protection on the side impact test that they have performed.  

This vehicle is one of the cheapest cars to insure. Since the production of this car stopped in 2009, you might need a car insurance company who is willing to insure this type of car. Remember that there might be parts of this car that needs to be replaced or repaired in case of an accident, so if they are hard to find, your car insurance might charge you high rates. 

Keep in mind also that there are factors that can affect your car insurance premiums. First of all, remember that there are no productions of this car model these days, so this might reflect on your premiums but they may affect your rates but not everything. There are also a few things that you can do to keep your premiums at a minimum if you want to save money from your insurance. First of all, determine what the required liability insurance in your state is. This is important to include in your policy. Know also if you want to increase your excess, doing so can help you save money however, you must also understand that you must pay for that excess in case you are involved in an accident. 

Know what type of coverage you want for your car. Keep in mind to stick with what you want to insure as additional coverage may only increase your premiums. You might just end up paying for something that you really don’t want or use. Know also that your age, gender, location, credit score and driving history can also affect your premiums. So don’t forget to get all the free quotes that you can find online on the car insurance company that you like and compare the rates. Better yet, talk to someone professional in this field, this way your questions and concerns can be answered right away.