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Pontiac is a car brand that was built and established in 1926. It was named after a Native American chief that started making covered wagons in the 1900s. It was merged with another company, they started making cars and later in 1909, General Motors bought the said company. Pontiac was done as a companion make for General Motor’s Oakland. After its foundation, Pontiac became popular that it overcome Oakland by the year 1933. After Oakland, it became a companion make for Chevrolet. The distribution of Pontiac was not only in the United States but also in Canada and Mexico.

They have been marketed as the performance division of General Motors for many years and have specialized in performance vars. By 2009, the financial and ongoing restructuring efforts and announced the discontinuation of their Pontiac brand. Before the year 2010, they announced the expiration of their dealer franchises. The last Pontiacs were made in the late 2009.

If you are planning to get insurance for this car then it is best that you know what type of Pontiac model you will be getting. Some models may be costly and you really don’t want to pay for insurance that you don’t need.

Some Pontiac performed poorly in side and front crash tests but not all. There are Pontiac models that did well in their crash tests too. So make sure that you know what these cars are. Keep in mind that if the car you are driving is costly when it comes to repairs then you may be charged with more insurance.

Pontiacs are cars that are most likely to be stolen. In fact, some of the Pontiac models made it to the Top cars that are commonly stolen. The Pontiac Grand Am, Bonneville, Grand Prix, Firebird and 6000 are among of the models that are frequently stolen so do make sure that you avoid purchasing any of these.

If you wish to pay lesser premiums then you can do something about it. You can also check the Pontiac’s features if they are safe enough to give you discounts in your insurance. Consider installing some safety gears on your car too. You can add anti-lock brakes, car alarms, etc. to this, that way when you present your car to your insurer you can get discounts because of the car accessories you have installed.

Your driving record can also add a points on your premiums. If you are a good and safe driver then you get cheap rates but if you are the opposite then expect that you won’t be so lucky with the premium charges. So if you have been involved with a single car accident or a simple speeding ticket, this could affect your premiums even if it just happened once. Do keep in mind about that.

In order to save more money from your Pontiac insurance, talk to an insurance agent. This way you know if you can avail of discounts and other options that could help you save money.