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Progressive Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Car insurance is essential once you have purchased a car. Any car, new ones or second hand, must be insured. It is the car owner’s responsibility and they should be able to get the best car insurance that their budget can give. These days, there are a lot of car insurance companies that offer affordable car insurance rates, however, if you want to save money then you must also know what you need to have.

It is rare to find a car insurance policy that helps you get your money’s worth. Most of the time, you are offered multiple policies that you don’t even need. Little did you know that this is some of the car insurances’ way of getting more money from your pocket, so if you wish to get a good car insurance policy and save a few dollars, Progressive Car Insurance can help you with that.

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company was founded by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis on March 10, 1937. They are both law students who work hard through the wars and depressions. At first they were suspected of scamming people because of the way they presented their idea to customers. After their “scheme” was investigated, this was taken to another level.

progressive auto insuranceThe whole idea of this company was to sell insurance to the average driver. At that time, only rich car owners were able to afford insurance for their cars and so these two young lawyers targeted average drivers as their clients. They created a product that allowed common drivers to have at a price they can afford.

After the whole clear was done and the shady company was out of business, the idea was later one put to life with the help of Joseph Lewis’s mother in law. They were given a gift of faith of $10,000, this then opened doors for the two young men. This money helped them buy the license for the business. It was during the Great Depression that business went well with their company but because of poor business practices, their capital has decreased to $1000. After a life changing moment, the two young men promised themselves to not gamble with the company’s finances again. And that was all they need to win back their company’s capital.


One of the best plans that this car insurance has is that they allow their premiums to be paid by installments. This means that their customers can pay their premiums whenever they have the money. Progressive car insurance is also the first company to formulate driver claims service. Because they are always ready for new ideas, an idea such as the driver claims has pulled them to grow at least 17% every year. As of this year, they have gained a net worth of $14 billion dollars.

Progressive offers low rates than other insurance companies. Customers have testified to be happy with their premiums and the money that they can save from these plans. One satisfied customer was able to save more than $1000 after switching from her old company to this one.


There have been complaints about this company of being unresponsive whenever a customer is trying to process their claims. Claimants say that agents are slow and unproductive whenever they provide assistance to their customers. One particular customer has filed against Progressive for making too many phone calls just so he can process his claims from their company. If not for her lawyer’s help she wasn’t able to get her claim settled. Another customer also complained about the company’s auto repairs. He said that he was not assisted with a rental car when he had his car repaired due to an accident and he was asked to pay $500 deductible in order to have his car fixed. He was not offered car rental assistance either when he signed up his policy back in 2008. With these complaints and issues, many customers switched to other companies.

Despite the many complaints, this car company continues to do its best to serve their customers. They offer special services like States Covered, Installment driven cheap custom policies and Concierge claim service. Progressive Car Insurance covers all states with some limitations depending on the state. They are also rated stable by overall satisfaction by their consumers. Recently, they have been more positive reviews of about 81% over the negative reviews of 19%. Reports also show that customers in general are happy with the customer services offered by this company. So if you are the type of customer who wants to save more money, then Progressive is the best choice.