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Reasons Why Female Drivers Get Cheaper Insurancecheap car insurance for young drivers 

Everyone knows that car insurance for women are cheaper compared to men. You can go to any car insurance company and you will find that there are cheap premium rates are given to female drivers. Perhaps you are wondering why this is the case. If you are interested to know the reasons why they can avail cheaper rates compared to men, read this article.

One of the reasons why car insurance for women are cheaper is because female drivers are more careful compared to men. Statistics show that more men are involved in car accidents compared to the opposite sex. That is why males are considered as high risk drivers by many car insurance companies. Women on the other hand are known to obey traffic rules and usually stay on the speed limit. Because of this, insurance companies view them as low-risk drivers.

Another reason is that, more male drivers own cars compared to female drivers. Because of this, the risk of being involved in an accident by men is greater compared to women. According to studies, there are women who prefer hiring drivers than actually driving and at the same time, women don’t like to have expensive cars as they are costly when it comes to repairs and maintenance.  Some even prefer keeping their cars in the garage when they don’t feel like driving. Because of this, there are lesser women involved in accidents as compared to men. This is why they have lesser premium charges when it comes to car insurance.  

Men in general have like different types of cars. They prefer to own something that represents themselves, some choose big cars or sports cars. These are expensive alone not to mention their maintenance. They are also expensive to insure compared to the type of cars the female drivers pick. The type of cars they drive alone can tell that there is a huge difference to the amount of premium rates that they pay.

Another good reason why male drivers get more expensive car insurance rates compared to females is because of how they drive. There are more aggressive and careless male drivers compared to females. You can seldom see women drivers who are speeding along the highway or being pulled over. Men on the other hand have been known to be reckless drivers. Female drivers are more cautious and conscious when they are driving. There are also lesser incidents where a female driver has been caught driving while intoxicated. This is why car insurance companies consider them as low-risk drivers thus the cheaper charges they have on their car insurance policy.