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Buick Regal is a mid-size car that was built by General Motors and was introduced in 1973. It was one of the best cars in the car market but their production stopped in 2004. It was in 2011 that they began producing these cars again and his time, Buick re-introduced the Regal to their North American market.

The Buick Regal is an upscale sedan, its bodies and powertrains are almost similar to Buick Century. It is a luxury sports sedan that has a starting price of $26,000 for their 2011 models. However, this car received a poor performance in crash tests according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. But don’t lose hope just yet as there are other models that did well in these tests.

Knowing what affects your Ford car insurance rate is the first best thing that you need to do. Of course, it never hurts to compare quotes. By doing this will also give you an idea about how much you will pay for car insurance.

The first thing you need to consider when getting car insurance for a Buick Regal is the model of this car. Some models are cheaper to insure while there are those that can be a bit expensive. So if you are planning to buy this car, choose a model that is not expensive to insure. The year that it was made is also important; of course, if you pick the latest model then expect something expensive for insurance.

Your age is also a factor for insuring your car too. If you are 25 years old or younger then expect something expensive. This is because this age cannot present enough driving experience for car insurance companies so you will be considered as high risk. The location in which you are living is also important. If you live in an area where accidents always happen then you will be charged with an expensive premiums. So make sure that you don’t live in an area like this.

It is also important to keep your driving record clean. If you can, always follow traffic rules and avoid getting tickets. This way you can have a cheaper insurance in the future. Male drivers are often given expensive rates; this is because accidents on the road are commonly caused by male drivers so insurance companies consider them as high risk.

If you live in the big city or down town areas then expect to have a high premium. This is because your car may be prone to car thefts and vandalism. Because of this insurance companies will require you to have more premiums. So compare quotes first and know what your state requires you to include in your car insurance policy. Better yet, talk to an insurance agent who can address your concerns and can help you with your options.