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Selective Insurance was founded by Mr. Daniel L.B. Smith who was then operating a small chain of general stores in Sussex County, New Jersey. It was an event where he lent his friend a carriage and horse that encouraged him to start an insurance company. On this occasion, the horse ran away and wrecked the carriage because of this, Smith refused to take any remuneration. But when his friend moved from one area, Smith was given some properties like farms and homes that he had to insure with the help of his company. That was when the D.L.B. Smith Agency was born.  

After his insurance company was put up, his reputation of being a man of his word spread like fire. Soon, Smith was unsatisfied with the metropolitan carriers who serviced his rural clients and finally decided that his own rural insurance company would offer better services and rates. Fast forward to a few years later, D.L.B. Smith’s hard work and commitment in providing the best service and products to his customers has been one of Selective’s pillars and key of the company’s success. Selective offers a broad range of insurance and alternative risk management services. They are engaged in providing diversified insurance solutions. They also offer property and casualty insurance products for their customers. They offer home insurance, auto insurance, renters/apartment, townhouses/condominium, rental property as well as umbrella insurance and flood. 

Though they have a wide variety of options of insurances, they have been rated poorly by their customers. There have been feedbacks saying that they have terrible customer services and that some of their adjusters are not able to call back as promised. So if you are planning on having them as your car insurance provider, be sure that you know what are their strengths and capacities as an insurance company.