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Early 1950s was the decade when South Carolina Farm Bureau was first established. It was in 1944 when a group of prominent farmers recognized the need for affordable insurances for farmers like them. By the summer of 1952, Farm Bureau Insurance began selling their automobile insurance to their own members. A year later, they have more than 18,000 vehicles insured under their company. Today, Farm Bureau Insurance is one of the leading auto insurance, home and life insurance providers across South Carolina. SCFBM also offers property insurance as well as business insurance, health and other insurances for the customers with different needs.  

Though Farm Bureau offers a good set of insurance products, their financial strengths were downgraded by A.M. Best. From an A- rating, they were given a B++ all because they have been some negative reviews about this company. It is due to their unfavorable underwriting performance in the recent years which continued in 2011. Although they have received no major complaints, Farm Bureau continues to work hard to meet their customers’ needs. Though their financial strengths fluctuate, they make sure that they can come up with the best solutions for this problem.  

If you are interested in getting an insurance policy from them then be sure to compare their rates with other insurance companies. This way you can have other options to take. Be sure to understand what their policy is all about too. By doing this, you are able to study what their insurance policies are all about.