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The early 1900s was the era when car insurance companies were booming. Many of these car insurance companies who have succeeded are still in existence today. One of these companies belongs to State Auto Insurance. They were founded in 1921 by Robert Pein who was then determined to create a new definition of insurance procedures. With this goal in mind, Pein created State Automobile Mutual Insurance on a rented room downtown in Columbus, Ohio. Together with his three employees, he slowly but surely expanded his company, determined in offering quality insurance service to their customers.  

Today, State Auto employs more than 2,000 associates and still maintains more than 3,000 independent agencies across 33 states. They are listed on NASDAQ on stock ticker STFC with an asset estimated to be at least $3.25 billion dollars with reports to have direct written premiums of $1.5 billion dollars each year. From the humble beginnings, this company rose to an empire and is still expanding all over the nation. 

This car insurance company also offers rates based on a given independent agency’s directives on a specific region or state. They offer cheap car insurance quotes based on the features and infrastructures relevant in auto insurance quote pricing. This means that their customers have the option of sitting down with an agent and discuss the kind of policy that will fit their needs. Another good thing about this company is that claim settlement is done through independent agencies. This means that customers are able to settle their claims where their company’s agencies are located. 

There are a few disadvantages to this car insurance company. Since they have different independent agencies, some independent agencies may not be performing as well as the others. As a result, inefficient services are sometimes given to their customers. However, State Auto has strict guidelines when it comes to quality service and they make sure that this is given to their customers.