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Among the many car insurance companies that started back in the early 1900s is the company State Farm Auto Insurance. This company was formed in 1922 by policy holders who formed it as a mutual auto insurance company. The company’s first headquarters was located in Illinois but as the years went by they have expanded all over the US. Today State Farm is the leading company of an eight member group that has property and casualty insurance companies. Besides the car insurance, they also offer condominiums and renters insurance. This company makes up one of the largest provider of homeowner and auto insurances.  

State Farm has been rated A++ rating by the Best Insurance Reports. They remain to be one of the largest auto insurers in America today and they are considered to be one of the superiors in the insurance business. Other companies such as Standar & Poors and Fitch have also rated this company AA+. Over all, State Farm has good ratings and recommendations from their customers. They work hard to serve their customers to the best of their abilities. 

Though they are rated excellent and A+ , there are still customers who have complaints when it comes to the services that they offer. Among these complaints is that this car insurance company has exclusive agents. This means that these agents only market State Farm policies and nothing else. There have been reports about discrimination among their customers. In addition to that, this company has a history of leaving a state because of regulations or catastrophes. Some customers complained about settling their claims. Many were not able to get what is due to them because processing claims takes time. And if in case State Farm did pay them, it was less than they expected. So if you are planning to get a policy with them, it is best that you shop for other quotes before making a final decision.