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The Effect of Age and Gender on Auto Insurancecheap car insurance for young drivers 

Not having valid car insurance can get you in trouble with the law. Since this is important to every car owner, they need to have car insurance first if they want to drive. In some states, getting this insurance is strictly required which is why every car owner makes it their responsibility to get their cars insured once they start driving.

When it comes to getting your car insured, insurance companies usually have a number of factors affecting the charges they give you on your premiums. You may wonder why some people have low premiums than you while there are those that pay more. In this article you will learn about the two common factors that affect your car insurance rates and why they do.

The first factor that plays a big role on the rates of your can insurance is your age. Yes, as much as this disappoints you but your age can affect the amount you are paying. Usually, drivers of ages 25 and below (24, 23, 22 and so on) pay more insurance premiums as compared to those who are above 25 years old. This is especially true to teenagers who are now driving. Studies and statistics have proven that most of the major car accidents are caused by teenage drivers. Age is not the only reason why they are paying expensive premiums. Teenagers who just started driving have no driving experiences or if they do, it is not enough. Car insurance companies do not have a basis if whether or not they are safe drivers nor do they have any driving record to base their rates. This is why they must charge these young drivers higher premium rates compared to others.

Another factor that deeply affects your car insurance rates is your gender. Male drivers usually have high premium rates compared to female drivers. It has been noted that many car accidents are caused by men as compared to women. This is because men in general are not as patient behind the wheels. Women on the other hand can stay cool and composed even if they are caught up in traffic. Men are more impulsive when they are driving so it is not surprising that you can find them beating the red light or driving recklessly on the highway. And because they are impulsive by nature, their impulsiveness often leads to car accidents. Besides that, there are more men drivers compared to women and because of this, car insurance companies charge more because of the risk they are capable of.

So if you are a male teenager who just started out driving, expect to pay more insurance premiums compared to other drivers. You don’t have a choice however; while you are still in your teens try to be a careful driver. This way when you come to the right age where your car insurance rates go down, you have a good driving record. Avoid driving while intoxicated or under the influence or even have a speeding ticket since this will tarnish your driving record and will only end up to expensive rates all over again.