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The Parts of a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Explainedcheap car insurance for young drivers 

Buying car insurance will introduce you to many types of insurance coverage. These insurances have their own function and protection to every policy holder. As a car owner, you need to understand how these insurance works and what are their coverage. This way you know what will fit your needs and what type of insurance can help you. One of these insurance is what the comprehensive car insurance.

What is comprehensive insurance? How is it different from other types of insurances offered? Comprehensive auto insurance is also known as “comp”. This type of car insurance helps cover your car in case of any physical damage or non-accident situation. It is also known as the “other than collision” policy. For example, if your car is stolen or damaged by natural disasters like fire, hail, flood or wind damage, comprehensive auto insurance will pay for the damaged done or replace your car. 

Each comprehensive car insurance policy will explain what kinds of incidents your car is covered under. The policy may also have exclusions but over all, they provide a wide coverage for any situation where your car is damaged. Your car is covered in all aspect except of course if it’s an accident. However, if you wish your car to be protected from an accident then you will need to purchase collision insurance in addition to your comprehensive car insurance.  

Keep in mind that comprehensive and collision insurance are both distinct from liability insurance. These are all different from each other. Comprehensive car insurance has different coverage compared to other types of insurance. Here are the coverage that comprehensive car insurance covers: 

·           Damage or loss in case of fire 

·           Harm done to your car due to riots 

·           Theft or breaking into your car 

·           Wreckage

·           Vandalism 

·           Damages done by hail, floods, snow and other natural disasters 

·           Physical harm due to wind 

·           Glass breakage 

·           Damages caused by animals  

·           Damages resulting from flying, propelled or falling objects 

All though vandalism and theft is covered in this insurance, family members or employees who committed these acts will not be covered by this insurance. This means that even if your brother vandalized your car, your car insurance will not cover your car since it was done by a family member. However, if you are driving another car, you may include this in your coverage.  

Before you decide to buy car insurance, make sure that you study the terms carefully and know what your coverage are. This way when you need your car insurance company’s help, you know what are covered with. Be a smart buyer, shop for different quotes, review them and make sure you understand the policy written. Good luck!