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Volkswagen Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers


Whenever I see a Volkswagen, I can’t help but think of 70s as this car was common back then. Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer and the original as well as the biggest selling marquee of the Volkswagen Group. Besides this car brand, they now own the Audi, Bently, Bugatti, Ducati and Lamborghini as well as SEAT. They also own 49.9% of Porsche, Skoda, Guigiaro marques and the truck manufacturer of Scania. In Germany, the name Volkswagen actually means “people’s car”.  

In 2009, Volkswagen is known to be the largest car manufacturer in the world. The Volkswagen Beetle or Bug is the most popular car that has ever set foot in the United States because of its unique shape and design. Today, this car has come a long way and car owners now have many options to choose from with this type of car. Each model have a wide range of car insurance option that will be able to fit your needs. 

If you own a Volkswagen or planning to get one, getting car insurance for this car must be your priority. As far as safety is concerned, this car can be relied on as it has passed the safety requirements it needs. Among the Volkswagen car models, the Golf, Jetta, Tiguan and Passat are the safest cars you should pick. Keep in mind that the type of car you choose can affect your premium rates and so it is important that you select the best Volkswagen model. Doing so will help you save money from insurance. 

However, not all Volkswagen models are safe. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Volkswagen Jetta is among the most common cars that are likely to be stolen. So if you want to buy a Jetta then make sure that you add more coverage in your policy for this type of car. Know that your premiums may be a bit higher because this car is high risk for car thefts. 

Comprehensive and collision car insurance, underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and liability coverage are among the insurance you will be looking at but you can also add a few according to your car’s needs. Keep in mind that there are also other factors that can influence the amount you are paying for insurance. Your age, gender, location, driving history and credit standing are among the many things that can play a big role in your coverage. So if you wish to find cheap car insurance then be sure to compare other quotes first. This way you know what option to have. 

An average Volkswagen can start at $1300 per year or more. As I have mentioned, your car model will also influence your premiums so make sure that you pick a good Volkswagen model so that you don’t have to suffer paying so much insurance. 

You can also ask for discounts like good driver, good student or senior citizen’s discount, provided of course that you qualify to these discounts. If you want to know other options to save money, better talk to an insurance agent, this way you will be guided accordingly.