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What Are The Options to Control Auto Insurance Rates?cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Car insurance is a need not a want. This is true to any car owner as this car insurance is one of the first companies to help them in case they ran into an accident or if their cars have been vandalized or stolen. This is why many people opt to get insurances for their car however; there are some problems along the way. One could be because their care insurance rates seemed to go higher every year. This has been one of the many concerns of car insurance policy owners.  

In this video provided by 8WGAL will give you an idea about this new option in which you can control your auto insurance rates. To many car insurance holders, adding another person in their insurance can be a big difference. This is especially huge when you are adding a teenage driver in your premiums. However, there is now a new way to control the increasing amount of premiums.  

It was a savings of more than $900 dollars a year,” this was the statement of Heather Kopenhaver who has discovered rate lock, a new feature under her car insurance company. Since she has used rate lock, she had saved more money compared to that when she was paying her insurance at its regular price. This feature was introduced by Erie Insurance after it was introduced to its customers early last year after they have talked to several customers. 

We learned what aggravated them is that insurance companies provide informational, charges and sometimes charges for first accidents,” this is according to Ann Zaprazny, an Erie Insurance employee explained. This rate lock provides protection to policy holders who want to put a lid on their insurance rates from increasing. However, there are also ways in which this lock can be unlocked.  

According to this video, there are a few ways in which your rate lock can increase. The factors affecting these rates are changing your car or adding a car, changing or adding a driver and if you changed your address. These factors can unlock the rates of your car insurance premiums. These rate lock can increase or decrease your car insurance rates depending on how you are driving your car as well as your driving record. Surprisingly, almost 50% of the customers of Erie Insurance chose to have this rate lock on their premiums and has proven to be effective when it comes to saving money. 

So if you are looking for ways to control the rates of your car insurance, check out this rate lock. For more information on this car insurance feature, watch this video.