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What is The Coverage of a Non-Owner's Car Insurance?cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Not all of us can afford to buy a new car. In fact, travelling through public transportation is a good idea but it can also be a great inconvenience. This is because you don’t have the control to really drive a train or a bus to the right destination you need. Not only can that, traveling by bus or train or taxi take a long time. Sometimes, it can also be the cause of your delays.

That is why you need to have a car however, as I have mentioned, not all of us can afford one. So what do you do? Rent a car or maybe use someone else’s car. But can you drive without car insurance? Well, no but you can always get one even if it’s not your car. If you want to know more, read this article.

You can own car insurance for the car that isn’t yours. With the help of a non-owner’s car insurance, you can have the same benefits of someone who owns a car. Of course, this might sound ridiculous to you but if you think about it, it is also beneficial along the way. Like regular car insurance, you will also have coverage for the car that you are driving even if it’s not yours. A non-owner’s car insurance provides you with:

§  Liability coverage or what we all know as the financial responsibility you have when someone is injured in the event of an accident.

§  Medical payments coverage

§  Comprehensive or collision damage

§  Personal Injury Protection or better known as PIP

§  Towing Reimbursement

§  Rental Reimbursement

§  Underinsured or uninsured motor protection

Since you don’t own the car, your insurance coverage is mostly basic. What you are merely paying is the protection for the driver, if you are driving the car then you also need to get insurance for your passengers as well as their properties. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at home or travelling, you must be able to have these in your policy.

You can also have this kind of insurance if you are renting a car. If indeed you want to rent a car, make sure that you are going to rent it for a long time. This way your non-owner’s car insurance will be in full use. Besides, car insurance companies would prefer that you have this kind of insurance for a long period of time.

The cost of a non-owner’s car insurance will depend on certain factors. This includes your driving record, your residency and the additional fees that the company might charge you. So better get the right estimation for this kind of policy. This way you can also prepare for your finances.

Understand that when you have the non-owner’s car insurance, it only applies when the existing and available insurance is used. This means that if you happen to be involved in an accident using your friend’s car, his car insurance will cover for the damage or injuries until the insurance is used. Once this is exhausted, your non-owner’s insurance can then be used. So since you will be driving someone else’s car, make sure that you drive carefully and safely. Though this policy can help, nothing is more important that being careful on the road.