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Why You Always Need to Call The Police After an Accident?

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Car accidents can be a very stressful event and not to mention the expenses you will be having after the accident occurred. Even the most careful driver can sometimes be involved in one. Accidents happen because they can’t be controlled but there are a few things you can do to avoid further complications.  

Calling the police is one of the best ways you can do after you are involved in an accident. Keep in mind that the adjuster will be looking to see if you will involve the police or not on your accident. Look at it this way, if you don’t want the police involved then your adjuster may think that you have something to hide. Also, always be the first one to call the police. Never let other party contact the police. They might not give the full story as to why the accident occurred. Take note also that if they call first, it will be their words against yours. So better take the initiative to call the police first and do not wait for them to do it.  

Some people don’t really call the police after their accident. They think that the damages are low and they also believe that they can talk their way out of any tickets that might be issued to them. This is wrong. Keep in mind that if you walk away from the accident and someone calls the police, you will be cited for leaving the scene of the accident.  

Another thing you must remember is to not negotiate any repairs to the other party. If you try to negotiate repairs without the presence of any law enforcement, you will not be guaranteed of anything at all. They might deny that you even had that kind of agreement with them and end up blaming you for all the damages they have. So be wise and do all negotiation under the presence of a police officer. This will also help you in the future in case the other party sues you. Keep in mind that there are other drivers who are going to do anything just so they can get what they want. You may think you just hit two people inside the car, the next thing you know there are already 5 people claiming injuries against you. This is why you need to call the police and notify them about your accident. Plus, any negotiation to the other party must be done with the police present. This is also another way to protect you from false claims.  

Accidents happen all the time but if it happens to you, be a wise car owner. Call the police and report everything. This will also show how responsible you are as a driver and citizen. Be smart and be always on guard about these things.