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Will Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

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Vandalism is defined as an act that is maliciously done to any property and anyone can be a victim of this act. In some cases, the damage is purely cosmetic and they can only leave scrapes or dents. Other times, vandalism can cause great damage to many car owners and usually it can be hazardous to the driver or other passengers. A vandalized car can also be very expensive for the car owner as this can be a financial burden on an innocent victim. Even worse if the car insurance they have does not cover vandalism. However, many car owners today understand the stress and burden that this kind of situation can cause to the car owner. That is why they are now offering coverage for your car in case vandalism occurs.

It is a fact that car insurance plans can vary. That is why it is important that you understand what your policy offers. This way you know if you are covered in case certain unexpected incidents can happen. You can talk to your car insurance agent about these things and discuss with him your options. See also if your policy can cover you in cases like vandalism.

There are different forms of vandalism. Sometimes it’s as simple as key marks but this is considered as vandalism to many. Spray paint or graffiti on car is the most evident form of vandalism. This is because spray paint on cars will most likely cost the car owner a new paint job. As a result, more expenses for the car owner. Smashed windows or windshield, theft of items inside the care, badge theft and even eggs or food thrown at the vehicle are also forms of vandalism.

If this happens to your car, make sure that you notify this incident to your insurance company and the police. Make sure that you also keep or take evidence. Take note of the date, time and the damaged that has been done to your car. If you can provide photos or video then even better, make sure that the damaged done are reasonable enough that your car insurance would cover them.

Vandalism is often protected with car insurance plans however, not all policies cover them. If you feel that this is an important thing to have for your car then talk to your car insurance company or agent. This way you will know if your car insurance company can cover your car in case vandalism does happen.