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Can You Extend Insurance After Buying a Car?

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

Shopping for a new car is something we all look forward to. Even if it’s just as simple as looking for the kind of car you want to buy is something exciting. Now that you have to purchase a new one, isn’t it even more great? Having a new car is always a great feeling. But of course, with new car comes new responsibilities. And speaking of responsibilities, it is your responsibility to get car insurance for your new car.

Some people ask, how can they extend their car insurance to their newly purchased car? If you have a current insurance policy, extending this policy to your new car depends on the type of auto insurance coverage that you have. Let’s say your current policy only covers minimum liability. If your minimum liability includes collision, fire and theft then you can simply extend this policy to your new car. This is allowed in most states since state laws require that you carry enough coverage to protect those people that can be involved in an accident. If you made a bank loan for your new car then banks will also require the additional coverage to protect them as well. This insurance will cover will also cover your bank while you still have an outstanding loan with them. So between all three types of coverage, you may be able to extend the same exact policy to your new car. However, if your policy covers state minimum liability only then extending your policy coverage to your new car may not be possible. You might have to have to buy another policy for this car alone. This means you might need new set of car insurance policy.

It is important to have a car; in fact all of us must have one. This is essential in our everyday life. Without car, we will have a hard time with transportation. That is why having car insurance is important; it will help you in case of emergencies. However, not all people are willing to get another set of insurance policy. So they resolve in extending their current policy to this new car. So before you buy a new car, check your insurance policy first. Know what is allowed in your policy or better yet talk to your insurance agent. This way you can discuss the options you can have and see what he can do to help you get your new car insured. If he can help you extend your policy to your new car then well and good. But in case your policy won’t allow it then it’s time that you shop for another quote of insurance policy.

You can have the option of getting a new policy, yes. But this means you will have to pay two policies every month or whatever terms you have agreed upon. It will also mean that the money you spend for insurance will increase more than the usual. So if you can, do ask your insurance agent. Most of the time extension of insurance policies can be done. If your policy can be extended then you don’t have to worry about getting a separate policy for your new car. This can help you save money too.

Car insurance is important to many people. Over the past years, people who had accidents were able to benefit from these insurances. So it is wise that you also have your new car insured. See what your policy can offer you about car insurance extension. So that the next time you drive your new car, you’ll be at ease that you have an insurance to have your back.